Candid CloudOps

An Industry Leading Approach to Cloud-Based DevOps

Candid CloudOps combines the expertise, proven methodologies, and tools your organization needs to improve operations and deploy applications in the cloud more effectively. It elevates the traditional DevOps framework to deliver maximum value to cloud-based environments.


Always On

Create a High-Performing Culture

Candid CloudOps experts blend DevOps knowledge and public cloud proficiency to help your teams embrace the technology, people, and processes that enable high-performing DevOps. These efforts are rewarded with a competitive advantage for your organization – and increased employee satisfaction.


Accelerate Application Delivery



Leveraging Volker Cloud Automation Platform, Candid CloudOps increases agility, reliability and scalability to better respond to market changes.



Streamlining the software development process with operational support, this foundational best practice paves the way for operational and organizational success.  


Tools and technologies

Combining proven tools and methodologies to automate processes which eliminate downtime, Candid CloudOps frees up resources and increases organizational agility.


Security integration

Identifying security requirements upfront and integrating with development processes, our experts ensure security success.


Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Allowing developers to build code collaboratively and streamline application development, Candid CloudOps with Volker quickens release cycles, lowers costs and mitigates risk.


Ensure Security Best Practices

Candid consultants identify and integrate your security requirements into the development pipeline from day one. Candid CloudOps leverages Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery to enforce security and compliance rules. This security-first approach significantly reduces time spent on remediating security issues.


Candid CloudOps provides the necessary approach to make your cloud journey a success. From enabling your employees to perform at a high level while being very satisfied to having compliance as a byproduct of well-run cloud infrastructure – Candid CloudOps has the leadership methodology to make you successful.

Candid CloudOps
Candid CloudOps: Stay Ahead with Accelerated Application Delivery
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“Technology leaders that recognize the importance of utilizing DevOps practices and automation technologies will gain a real advantage over their competitors in the race to the future of the digitally enabled enterprise.”
Stephen Elliott, Research VP, DevOps, at IDC